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Professional Organizer

Find Serenity in Your Space

It’s a process. And it’s ok to call in help. Let us assist you getting your stuff sorted and systems in place so you can stay organized and enjoy home life more.

Prepare to Sell

I spent many years as a real estate agent and know how your place should look for showings and listing pics. We can help you get it ready and keep it sparkling while it’s on the market. We can also help prepare for your upcoming move by sorting, packing and even storing your belongings if needed.


Mindful unpacking allows you to get things in the right place from the start. We consult on the setup of your new place, and offer hands to carry out the work. Imagine getting back to your life while someone else unpacks all those boxes!


Pantries, closets, kids rooms, offices, basements -- call in for help to clear clutter, improve flow and enhance space in any area of your home -- or go for a full home reorg!


Does your pantry give you anxiety? Are your utensil drawers chaotic? Do you buy ingredients you already had because you forgot they were stashed in a cabinet? You're not alone! We can help you edit and sort your kitchen essentials and get things in the right place, to make time spent in the kitchen more efficient and enjoyable.


These areas can easily become a catch-all for things you don't want to see or don't know what to do with. We can help you reclaim this space to create more living area in your home. We help organize tools, crafts, or what-have-you so you actually know where things are when you want to use them.

Kids Rooms

Kids' rooms can easily become disaster areas if left unattended. Help your kids feel more independent and in control of their space with careful editing, sorting, and placement of their toys, clothes and other belongings. Most kids love it when everything has a place!


Closets get frequent use and can become disorganized quickly without good systems. Let's review your wearables, keep what works, and set up the space so that you can see what you have and find what you need.

ABout Jessica

I help clients get stuff done. Annoying stuff, like unpacking for a move, organizing a closet, or repurposing a spare bedroom. I love helping unwanted or unused things find their way out of your home, leaving your space energized and clear. I maintain an excellent network of service providers, and if I can’t help I usually know someone who can.


I have many years of experience in residential real estate sales. I’m an empathetic, nonjudgmental listener and a creative problem solver. I love helping people clear their space to make room for more important things, like passions, hobbies, family, friends, peace and relaxation.